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Frequently Asked Questions

about cancel culture

How do you define cancel culture?

What exactly is cancel culture?

Why are people are being canceled?

Who is behind cancel culture?

What are cancel vultures?

Why are everyday people at risk of being canceled?

Why is cancel culture is dangerous?

Why is cancel culture inherently un-American?

What should your kids know about cancel culture?

What are the elements of a sincere apology?

Why is apologizing important to a civil society?

How does cancel culture discourage forgiveness?

Do both sides of the aisle employ cancel culture?

How do you defend against cancel culture and protect your reputation?

What does it mean to Press the Truth®?

Why is it critical to refuse to be canceled?

What are some examples of cancel culture?

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What should I do if I am being canceled?

Reach out to Evan and the team at Red Banyan to discuss your situation. Our crisis communications experts are well versed in the nuances of cancel culture and strategies required to recover your reputation. Let us know if you need help today.

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about Speaking engagements

What types of topics does Evan speak about?

What is the process for having Evan on air or speak at my event?

Is there a Media Kit?

Looking for an Expert on Cancel Culture?

 Evan brings best practice guidance, real-world takeaways, and solutions that can be immediately put into practice for you or your business. Whether a speaker at your event or a consultant to you and your team, Evan and his team are experienced professionals when it comes to cancel culture and crisis communications.